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Michael Jackson Costumes

Posted by michaeljacksoncollection on July 17, 2009

Even after Michael Jackson’s Memorial, people are still in tune with Michael Jackson’s career and life as an entertainer. But many others are a little beyond re-living his memories but are fanatics and they love and want to be just like him. But the reality is that many people can’t be like him but instead want to imitate him to keep his legacy going.

So many of people are looking for Michael Jackson Costumes. But why costumes??? For many of reasons, for example:

1. Michael Jackson Events

2. Early Halloween Costume

3. Or for just plain old fun

But nonetheless, many of others don’t really what type of costume they want, what is included in the costume, and how popular it really is? But I’m here to give you the goods along with the best choices for the lowest price.

The Variety of Costumes

Now when it comes down to the costumes, it is a few to choose from but  it will keep your head spinning.

Their are different types of costumes from and it can be hard to choose which one would be suitable for you.

Now when it came down to Michael Jackson, people loved his “Thriller” single and it was a smashing hit.

My best pick for Michael Jackson Costumes would be his Michael Jackson 80’s Thriller Red Jacket Costume.

This costume doesn’t look cheesy, it looks similar to his real outfit in his music video, and it is made out of the best material that money can buy and it will have you wearing it for years to come.

Accessories for the Michael Jackson Costume

It comes with many accessories to put the final touches to the costume and have you looking like the ‘King of Pop’ himself. The costume includes the jacket only. The red jacket features black accents and buckles on the waist and cuffs. 3 button tabs line the front of the jacket. Along with the zipper under buttons.

This is a main part of the outfit but the wig, hat, pants, and glasses are sold separately but could be found at a very cheap price.

The Popularity

It is very popular for fanatics and his most loved fans alike. The ranges start from late teens to older adults of Michael Jackson’s generation and the costumes is starting to become highly popular globally as well.

Where To Find the Michael Jackson Costume

Well, they are in stock right now but it is only a limited time they will be available so get a great Michael Jackson Costume that you can favor and wear in those Michael Jackson moments.


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Michael Jackson T-Shirts

Posted by michaeljacksoncollection on July 9, 2009

People are now celebrating Michael Jackson’s death instead of mourning him and his true fans are showing loyalty, but they have nothing to actually wear. Now you are going to the stores and they either have the shirt you want but not your size or they don’t have any Michael Jackson shirts you are interested in. Now the average person is now thinking, “what kind of Michael Jackson ‘King of Pop’ T-Shirt have me walking out and struting it in style.

Well, the Michael Jackson “Thriller” T-Shirt is a fan favorite and it is an exclusive never-before-seen shirt, so be sure to get it today because it is going fast.

These Michael Jackson T-Shirts make the perfect outerwear if they are looking to show off their icon. It is amazing at how many people are searching for shirts in his memory. He is truly the “King” and everybody wants to show it. I am glad that everyone is keeping him and his music alive and finding T-Shirts to compliment the genius that he was and will forever be.

Today, I seen my aunt wearing a Michael Jackson Swarovski Crystal T-Shirt and it looked gorgeous on her. I couldn’t believe how big the impact of his legacy is on the world after his passing. They played his #1 single “Bad” and she started dancing away just like him. The rest of my family was asking about that shirt and I am going to make sure to get one for my wife.

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Rare Michael Jackson Collectibles On Sale

Posted by michaeljacksoncollection on July 8, 2009

Since the Michael Jackson Memorial from yesterday, fans all around the globe are more devastated than ever and are looking for items to remember him by. Rare Michael Jackson Collectibles are being found and sold faster than ever before but people don’t know where to get their hands on it. If you are eagerly looking to get your hands on some rare collectibles on sale click the link below:

Michael Jackson American Music Awards Doll

Hurry, the collectibles are being sold faster than you think so get it now:

Michael Jackson Superstar of The 80's " THRILLER " Outfit Doll

Michael Jackson Superstar of the 80’s “Thriller” Outfit Doll

Michael Jackson Collectibles are selling out worldwide, but that devastating day that the ‘King of Pop’ died should be remembered in your own home. That way you will always know that you were apart of history that will not be forgotten.

Michael Jackson – Daily News King of Pop Dead – Plaque Mounted & Laminated Newspaper

Also if you are looking for a unique Michael Jackson Collectible where you can hang up on your wall to celebrate all of his achievements, check out:

Michael Jackson – Engraved Signature Series Display.

Michael Jackson - Engraved Signature Series Display

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Michael Jackson DVD’s Affecting Lives

Posted by michaeljacksoncollection on July 3, 2009

Since the passing of Michael Jackson, people want to remember the energy from his performances and music videos. Fans are looking for multiple Michael Jackson DVDs but they are quickly getting sold off of the shelves in retail stores. But don’t worry folks we got you covered, check out this fan favorite DVD:

Michael Jackson – Video Greatest Hits – HIStory

Many fans are quite satisfied with purchases of the various DVDs to complete the collection of Michael Jackson appearances. More popular Michael Jackson DVDs are out there and waiting to be picked up by the loyal fans of the ‘King of Pop’.

If you hurry now you can get your own collection of Michael Jackson DVDs while they are still available.

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Old Michael Jackson CD Selling Out

Posted by michaeljacksoncollection on July 3, 2009

Since the passing of Michael Jackson last week, his albums have been selling out and you and your family wants an old Michael Jackson CD. So what should you do? You simply couldn’t find it on the shelves. You are rushing from store to store with all of the crazy die-hard Michael Jackson fans. So how can you solve this dilemma? You should do what I do and order it online. It is a very easy and simple process to do as well. Time is running out to get the CD and re-live those memories:

The Essential Michael Jackson

Check Out All Michael Jackson Cd’s

A popular Michael Jackson song on the CD can bring back the joy within anyone that grew up to him.

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R.I.P. To Michael Jackson

Posted by michaeljacksoncollection on June 29, 2009

R.I.P. August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

R.I.P. August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

I would  like to dedicate this first post to Michael Jackson also known asThe King of Pop”. Michael Jackson was an icon to the whole world and he shined his light and touched many with his songs, charity, and giving back his love to others. He was a  talented genius, entertainer, and genius that made many past generations what they are today along with many more to come. Michael Jackson is gone but he is not forgotten and he will forever live in our hearts, music, and soul.  R.I.P. Michael Joseph Jackson.

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